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Awakening  Coach
Sessions are done in-person, over the phone or through the Zoom App

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If you resonate with any of the information below and are seeking 1-on-1 guidance or wish to work on a specific issue, I would be honored to work with you at this time to help you gain a deeper understanding of your experiences, from a higher perspective.  I am open and willing to discuss a variety of topics and will always hold sacred space during our time together.  I intend to be a guiding light on your journey, but the choice to begin healing will ultimately always be yours & it's up to you to navigate your own life & discover your own truth:)

Hey Loves!  Are you feeling stuck and maybe aren't sure which steps to take to get you moving in the right direction?  Would you like more balance & clarity in your life?  Do you struggle with repeating the same experiences over & over?  Would you like to become more mindful of your thoughts and start creating the life you truly desire?  Do you need guidance for accepting, forgiving yourself/others & letting go of judgment?  Are you suffering from anxiety or depression and would like to know ways of getting relief?  Do you want to integrate ALL aspects of yourself (mind, body & soul), helping to accelerate your spiritual growth?  If you are READY to take back your life, then I am here for YOU!

My sessions are designed to help guide, encourage and challenge you to reach your full potential.  Before the session begins, I connect with the Creator of All that Is through a meditation and ask what you need the most healing with at this time.   I will provide a safe and loving space, so you can really dig-deep within yourself in an open and honest way.  This session is all about You!  Our sessions will be held in the strictest-confidence and always in a non-judgmental way.  You have all the power within to move forward, empower yourself and discover your own unique gifts, helping to break free from any limiting beliefs that have kept your true self hidden.  

Collective Awakening



As a collective, we are in the midst of a great spiritual awakening.  Whether that's seeing beyond the illusion of lies or awakening into the spiritual beings we were destined to be.    


Spiritual awakenings mark the initiation of our spiritual journey and can occur at the most unexpected times.  'Waking up' can turn our lives upside down, while leaving us feeling triggered, confused, isolated, lonely and questioning everything we have ever known.  Before experiencing an awakening most of us go through our lives on autopilot, not even realizing that we have been cast under an influential spell or that a veil has been covering our eyes, keeping us from seeing the truth of this reality.  When the veil is lifted, it's as if we have new eyes allowing us to see the world for what it really is, discovering both the dark (corruption, lies and illusions) & the light (who and what we really are and why we came here). Although this is a necessary part of our expansion, it can be unsettling and painful in the beginning, shaking the very foundations on which we have built our lives, causing us to shed our fundamental beliefs, desires and paradigms.  

People who have had no sense of their spiritual connection to all things are experiencing synchronicities that they can no longer ignore and are beginning to see the world in a different light.  It is our soul's cry for freedom as we begin transforming our lives into something more purposeful, significant and divine.   


Spiritual awakenings are not just about sunshine and butterflies!  They help to push us out of our comfort zone, empowering us to move forward to the next level, so we may finally evolve, expand and gain a deeper connection with everyone and everything, including the Creator of All That Is:)


Coaching Benefits

Provide a sacred space to be heard & understood

Gain clarity to get unstuck & move forward

Turn problems into learning opportunities

End negative self-talk/sabotage

Gain new perspective about your life

Identify goals & how to accomplish them

Help discover your passion/purpose in life

Discover your authentic self

Hold you accountable, increasing your success

Manage the what's/why's of your experiences

Improve your quality of life

Gain better clarity

Make better decisions

Develop better habits

Positively move forward

Feel more empowered

Reach full potential

Fall in love with yourself

Learn to live in the moment

Come up with an action plan

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