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Vibrational Sound Therapy 

*In-person Only*


Therapeutic - Himalayan Singing Bowls are placed on and around the body and activated by striking with a padded felt mallet, through a series of gentle layouts, spanning the length of the body.  As the client brings their awareness to the bowls combination of soothing sounds and vibrations, this allows the body to begin the unwinding and relaxation process, while also helping to quiet the mind from the normal cycles of thought, so healing can occur.  


Sound Therapy

*In-person, Distance or Groups*


Sound Therapy is a therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the mind and body of an individual or group with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.  It is based on the idea that all matter (including the body) is vibrating at specific frequencies.  Disease, illness and pain are thought to be caused by blockages or imbalances in these natural vibratory rates.  When these blockages are removed, health and well-being can then be restored.


Customize your own personal or group immersive sound experience, which may include a guided meditation, crystal layouts and combining one or more of the following instruments: tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, tingsha bells, koshi chimes, pyramids, buffalo drum, theta drum, gong, etc.

Can lead sound baths for groups such as healing circles, meditation or yoga studios, wedding, baby showers or graduations, school and work events, etc.



Sound Therapy has been helpful with the following:​

  • Helps to Clear Emotional & Energetic Blockages

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation

  • Improves Sleep Patterns

  • Decreases Sleep Disturbances

  • Reduces Anxiety & Depression Symptoms

  • Lowering Stress Levels

  • Managing Insomnia Related to Stress

  • Reducing Anger & Aggression

  • Helps to Manage Headaches & Pain

  • Promotes Feelings of Connectedness All Things

  • And Much More...

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What to Expect

Hydrating before the session will enhance your experience, as this allows the body to better absorb the sound & vibration in a greater capacity, helping to carry the vibration further.  The client will remain fully clothed and has the option of either laying face up or down on a table and may be lightly covered, if desired. The sound therapy sessions progress at a very enjoyable and relaxed pace and last 60 minutes.

Recipients reported feeling lighter, relaxed, balanced, refreshed and grounded.

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