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Kate: Pennsylvania 2022

"I am beyond grateful to have been connected to Kim and Divinity Unveiled.  I started receiving Biofield Tunings from her remotely a few months ago and every time I have a session with her something else that had been stuck for a long time has been released.

Two sessions ago I had a totally clogged sinus at the beginning of our hour, I was barely getting air through one nostril.  I had chalked this up to "oh it's that time of year for seasonal allergies to start", which was terrible timing because I was due to sing the next day.  But after our session was complete, it was as though I'd never had any problems breathing at all.  My sinuses were completely cleared (and I had an amazing performance the following evening!).  She was able to impart to me that the things we experience physically, and can even take for granted, are stuck energy and all it takes is a functional method to move that energy along to be back in balance and alignment!  (Also, I haven't experienced any 'seasonal allergies' since our session, which I think is worth noting!)

I just had another session with her yesterday, and we addressed some things I was concerned about, and this time the result of the energy moving was a, and I'm not exaggerating, a profound emotional release.  And bouts of crying normally would leave me totally drained, maybe for days, but this was much different.  I felt relaxed and present and full of energy afterwards. 

My gratitude for this work and for having the opportunity to with with Kim is immeasurable.  The shifts that have occurred in my life since having these sessions, the things I've been able to move through that would normally bog me down or make me sick she has been able to pinpoint them and release them in such a natural way.  And she is such a dear to work with and be connected to.  Thank you Kim!!!"



Ngaire: Australia 2022 


"I had no idea what Distance Biofield Tuning was but was suggested I try it with Kim. I had been through many traumatic experiences that I have been seeing psychologists and having medical treatment for which helped a bit but I still couldn't stop being triggered by certain events. Over my sessions with Kim I noticed I was being triggered less. I was feeling more confident, had more energy, and my mind was clearer. Sometimes this took a few days as I was extremely tired after some sessions, sometimes it was immediate. Kim brought up ages when events happened and cleared the energy stuck there. Things that I didn't even realize were stuck. I'm in another country to Kim and it's amazing how even over thousands of kilometers the energy can be cleared."  



Samantha: Australia 2022


"Kim has been working with me for the last couple of years.  I had never experienced Biofield Tuning prior and Kim ensured my first experience was relaxing and kept me informed the entire time.  Each experience with Kim, I have felt the release and benefits associated with the tuning.  Kim would also do intuitive readings on me prior to our session, which were very accurate.  She has been very supportive throughout my healing process.  I highly recommend Divinity Unveiled and Kim."  



Julie: Missouri 2022


"While searching for alternative ways of healing after a breast cancer diagnosis, I heard a podcast about Biofield Tuning and was immediately intrigued by the concept of energetic wellness. I was thrilled to find Divinity Unveiled and Kimberly as a certified practitioner. My sessions have been fascinating, relaxing, life changing and most importantly, healing. Each time I've had a "tune up", I have literally felt the energy moving and shifting as Kim worked with me. She is very knowledgeable, professional, calming and reassuring along the way. She walks you through the process and even checks in with you afterwards. She goes above and beyond."  



Heather: Florida 2021


"My first Reiki session with Kim was amazing! I have never been one to meditate or even know how to calm my mind. I am always trying to do something or even when I'm "relaxing" I'm either on my phone or my mind is still running. With her guidance I was able to really relax and allow the weight of my world to melt right off me. Afterwards, I felt so much more calm and positive. My entire mood was completely switched from stressed and chaotic to calm and genuinely positive. Not only did Kim show me the importance of resting your mind and grounding yourself but she truly amazed me with how on point she was with me in our session. I will definitely be doing this again with her and I highly recommend this for everyone. It really does wonders for you, even long distance."



Sherry: Illinois 2021


“I had the singing bowls experience and recommend it.  It was a great escape from day to day stress.  Don't we all have a lot of stress these days?  Added bonus, the vibration of the bowls seems to stay for quite some time."



Mike: Illinois 2021


“I would highly recommend Divinity Unveiled, I've been going to Kim since the summer of 2020 in hopes of getting relief from my CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome).  Even though western medicine couldn't help me, she could.  I was able to get the relief from the pain that I'm constantly in.  The bigger relief was from the mental side.  It was like a curtain was lifted and was able to become a better person.  Thank you so much Kim."  



Susan: Illinois 2021

“Good, good, good vibrations!  The singing bowls gave me deep relaxation that stayed with me for quite sometime afterwards.  I actually started to doze off a couple times during the session.  Great experience, loved every moment of it.  Would definitely do it again.  Thanks so much!"   



Rama: Australia 2021

"Thank you so much Kim - couldn’t express my gratitude more.  Didn’t want my Reiki session to end, I feel amazing and so clear and balanced!!! - Kim is extremely gifted.  Thanks again!"

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