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Biofield Tuning

The term "biofield" refers to our body's electrical system, as a whole – this includes the electrical current running through our body, as well as, the magnetic field that surrounds us. This sound therapy modality works directly with this system and seems to be intimately connected to our conscious and unconscious intelligence (mind), including our memories. The physical, emotional and mental ailments that we experience in our lives are mainly caused from a “lack of harmony” within our electrical system.


The body's electrical system is shaped like a torus (a sphere with a bi-directional spiraling channel running through the middle) that is bounded with a double layer plasma membrane, about 5-6 feet on both sides and 2-3 feet above and below the body. We draw negative, electrical charge up from the surface of the earth and positive, electrical charge down from the sun and our atmosphere.


Everything in our body is in motion and anything that is in motion, creates waves and waves propagate. The theory is, our memories are stored in standing waves within the boundary of our electrical field, from preconception until the present. The energy and information of our memories contain mass and charge. When we have stressful or painful experiences, these can create areas of instability or resistance in the flow of energy through the field, causing our electrical system to go out of balance, which then can affect the physical body.


We use tuning forks to locate areas of resistance or noise on the body and surrounding energy field. Through the process of entrainment, the coherent input of the tuning fork resolves the resistance (surrounding a particular memory), allowing the system to recalibrate itself, while also helping to create more flow. The tuning fork then behaves like a magnet, retrieving the energy that was causing resistance or charge and is then guided back into circulation within the central channel to be processed, felt and integrated by the body and into the present moment.




biofield tuning


Anything that has electric current running through it has a magnetic field around it.


A changing magnetic field can cause electric charges to move.


A vibrating tuning fork produces electricity and therefore magnetism.


Our tuning forks act like a magnetic stylus to move charge within the magnetic field of the body.


Therefore, shifting the way electricity is moving through the body.


Pain can be the experience of too much electric current through the wires.


By adjusting the magnetic field, we adjust the flow of electricity in the body.




Following basic science that most people already understand to some degree <3

tuning fork.jpg
tuning fork.jpg


Biofield Tuning may be helpful for the following:​​

  • Promote Relaxation & Balance 

  • Release Stress & Adrenal Burnout

  • Create a Feeling of Lightness & Joy

  • Enhance Clarity & Focus

  • Calm the Body & Nervous System

  • Relieve Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks

  • PTSD

  • Release Core Wounds & Trauma

  • Energy Boosting 

  • Less Reactive & More Resilient 

  • Release Dense, Blocked or Stuck Energy

  • Improving Overall Wellness & Health of Organs

  • And So Much More...

What to Expect

The session may be performed in-person or remotely.  If remotely, I will bring your hologram onto my table and ask for your permission to do a healing.  Then we will start with stretching, breathing and activating the body points (which encourages energy flow and awareness).  I then activate the central channel from the earth star & sun star, encouraging alignment and preparing you to be tuned.  Next, I use a pendulum to determine which side of the body I will work on.  I will then locate the edge of your field & begin combing in, tuning into any areas of resistance, smoothing them out and bringing that energy back into circulation within the body.  I end with a sequence  helping to balance, integrate & close the energy field.

Add On: Intuitive Body Scan - $35

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