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Theta Healing

The Theta Healing® Technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 and is an energy healing modality and meditation technique, allowing the client to transform their self-limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.  This modality is based on the notion that our conscious and subconscious beliefs are directly impacting our emotional and physical well-being, helping to shape the reality around us, even on an unconscious level. 

During a Theta Healing session, the certified practitioner connects to the energy of All That Is, through a Theta brainwave state (relaxed, meditative state) using their natural intuitive abilities, to be a facilitator and witness for the client on their self-healing journey.  This energy is often described in Theta Healing as "The Creator of All That Is", but is also known as Universal Energy, Source, God, Spirit, Divine Consciousness, Zero Point Energy, etc.  Theta Healing is an open-hearted energy modality and form of intuitive coaching.

Theta Healing compliments Conventional Medicine.  

Miraculous heavenly divine light in Gethsemane garden, the place where Jesus was betrayed.


Theta Healing has been helpful with the following:

  • Feeling Lighter & Empowered

  • Releasing Limiting Core Beliefs 

  • Improving Overall Well-Being

  • Removing Dense or Blocked Energy

  • Increasing Self-Confidence

  • Releasing Emotional Pain or Trauma

  • Manifesting Abundance

  • Resolving Ancestral Wounds

  • Releasing Self-Defeating Programs

  • Feeling a Sense of Calm & Positivity

  • And More...

Image by Dan Gold

What to Expect

After connecting with "The Creator of All That Is" the practitioner asks for permission to conduct a healing (with a "yes" response) at the beginning & throughout the entirety of the session. The practitioner then intuitively scans the client, assessing areas in need of attention & moves forward from there or whatever the client would like to work through.  The practitioner then proceeds to ask the client questions, digging for the bottom belief of an issue and muscle testing throughout, if needed (to help the client perceive what beliefs they are unconsciously holding onto).  As limiting beliefs or feelings are found, the practitioner witnesses the release of these as they are sent to the "Creator" & replaced with positive & empowering beliefs & feelings. 

Image by Dan Gold
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