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Golden Crystals
Golden Crystals

Hey loves!  I'm Kimberly and I know first-hand what if feels like to struggle on an emotional and physical level. My spiritual awakening journey was accelerated during 2011 when I was "triggered" to find out why I had been suffering with acne for over 25 years of my life.  I began to research the many symptoms (acne, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, extreme exhaustion, pain when walking, emotional issues, etc.) that I had been experiencing, which led me down the path of emotional, mental and physical healing.  


I began to see that my energetic state was being reflected back to me through the condition of my physical body.  I realized the trauma that I experienced around the years of 3, 9 and 12, had been affecting me and my relationships my entire life.  My acne was a subconscious way of keeping myself safe and repelling people away from me. 


I wanted to heal myself naturally, so as I began researching all of my symptoms, it led me to an endocrinologist.  I had tests done and was told I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, at age 35.  I didn't want to take the conventional medicine, so I decided the alternative/functional healing doctors were the way to go.  I began to change my diet very slowly and over the course of several years, I had eliminated dairy and gluten from my diet, then finding the autoimmune paleo diet and healing my gut, which helped my numbers come down from the Hashimoto's. 


In 2014, I started reading spiritual books that created a shift in my thinking and taught me the importance of self-love, which I had always struggled with growing up.  I also learned that what you focus on, is what you create in your life and I realized that I had been spending most of my time focusing on my acne and how horrible it made me feel, inside and out.  Most illness and dis-ease begins on an emotional level, before it manifests into the physical body.  I was creating all of it, through the negative thoughts, feelings, poor diet choices and NOT processing my feelings in a healthy way. 

I began to seek out energy healing modalities, such as, reiki, theta healing, vibrational sound therapy, crystal healing and biofield tuning, to help balance my emotional and physical body.  I knew deep inside this was another way to help me on my healing journey and feeling whole on all levels and I loved it so much, that I knew I wanted to begin sharing these modalities with others.

I have come to the realization that the experiences I have endured in this amazing life have been blessings in disguise.  They helped to push me to the next level of my spiritual journey, allowing me to experience a deeper healing within, while also illuminating my path and uncovering my life purpose.  This helped me to begin to experience more joy and to be of service in this life, leading by example and being a beacon of love and light to help guide & create space for others to begin healing on their amazing journey as well:)