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Crystal Reiki 

Sessions are done in-person, over the phone or through the Zoom app

Would you like to experience more peace, harmony & deep relaxation to help you integrate these transitional energies & bring more balance into your life on all levels?  The best thing about crystal reiki, is that you don't have to be ill to experience all of its wonderful benefits.  You can also choose to experience just a crystal session or a reiki session, as well.  Although, combining them will enhance the energies.


How a Crystal Reiki Session Flows


A crystal reiki session can take place in the comfort of your own home, through distance reiki (where we will connect by phone or the Zoom App) or you may choose to have an in-person session at my residence.  Either way you choose, you shall receive the same benefits.  At the beginning of our session, I will go over any physical or emotional issues that I have intuitively observed by connecting to your energy before our session and answer any questions you may have, establish the intent of the crystal reiki session and ask if you have any additional ailments that are in need of attention.   


After our introductions, if you chose crystal reiki through distance healing from your home, I will have you lie down in a comfortable position (bed, couch, reclining chair, etc.) where you are able to relax and receive the healing benefits. If you choose to have a session at my residence, I will have you lie down fully clothed and covered with a light blanket on a massage table.  Once you are comfy, I will use a pendulum to assess the energy over each chakra to determine the appropriate crystals to place, helping to bring additional balance and support to the chakras, while I perform the reiki technique.  I will be channeling high vibrational energy into the body and surrounding biofield (aura), for the next 60-90 minutes, depending on what session you have chosen. 


I will then guide you through a short meditation to help you connect to the Creator of All that Is (if you resonate).  You may set your intention (to yourself or aloud) on what you would like the most healing with in that moment.  I will then activate the flow of reiki energy, while you're making your intention.  After the reiki begins to flow, I will scan the aura and begin the hand placements (hovering 3-4 inches over the body or with the hands-on method) starting at the head and working towards the feet, intuitively being guided to where you need the most healing at that time.  


Recommended # Of Sessions


How many sessions you have can depend on a number of factors, but it's ultimately up to you!  Since reiki energy increases/builds-up in and around your body during each session, it is generally recommended to have 3-6 sessions initially to begin activating your self-healing potential, especially if you are experiencing any ailments.  Although you may notice the benefits of reiki after one session, ongoing sessions will create the most beneficial and long-lasting results.  My suggestion would be to receive at least 3-6 reiki sessions during the first 3 weeks of treatment to remove entrenched blocks, then once a week or every two weeks once you begin noticing an improvement in your overall state of being, finally tapering down to every 4-6 weeks or whatever you feel is best for you. 

Below are some examples of why you might be choosing reiki and an estimated number of sessions for each.  By all means, these are only guides, as you are the only one who can gauge what feels best for you.

  1. If you are choosing to pamper yourself or maintain a state of balance, then 1 session every 4-6 weeks should be sufficient.

  2. If you are experiencing a health challenge/chronic condition, then weekly sessions are encouraged for a minimum of 6-9 weeks.

  3. If you are experiencing anxiety, tension, stress, emotional issues, sleeplessness, etc., then 3 sessions within a 6-week period should be suffice, depending on the level of your concern.

  4. If you would like long lasting support for any changes/challenges you are experiencing in your day-to-day life, then every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks might be recommended.

  5. Deep down you know what feels right for you, it will vary depending on the individual.

  6. Or maybe you would like to just see what Reiki is all about, with only 1 session.  Whatever resonates:)


Benefits of Reiki

Aids Relaxation & Improves Sleep

Releases Stress & Tension

Relieves Depression & Reduces Anxiety

Helps with Pain Management

Dissolves Blocked Energy

Assists in Removing Toxins

Offers Support for Recovery

Helps with Addictions

Compliments Conventional Medicine

Accelerates Natural Self-Healing

Encourages Mental Clarity 

Promotes Peaceful & Positive Outlook

Supports the Immune System

Raises Your Vibrational Frequency

Helps you to feel Grounded & Present

Promotes Health & Wellbeing

Adapts to Needs of the Receiver

Enhances Balance of Mind, Body & Soul

Reiki therapy session.jpg
Image by Sara Johnston

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years and is not considered to be a religion, but rather spiritual in nature by providing love, compassion & high vibrational frequencies to the client.  The general meaning of Rei (Spiritual Wisdom) can be interpreted as universal, meaning that it is present everywhere.  The general meaning of Ki (Life Energy) is known as the vital life force or the universal life energy.  This is the non-physical energy that animates all living things. 


Because Ki is energy, it responds to both positive and negative thoughts.  When we choose to have positive thoughts and feelings in our lives, we increase our flow of healthy Ki in our bodies and this causes us to feel better.  But if we choose to have negative thoughts and feelings, they can become lodged in our subconscious mind if not released and also attach to our organs and tissues.  When this occurs, it can create energy blocks and disrupt the flow of healthy Ki, which in turn can create illness.  This can happen when we accept negative thoughts or feelings either consciously or unconsciously about ourselves.  The beautiful thing about Reiki is one does not need to be ill to experience all of its wonderful benefits.


During a Reiki Session, the Rei (spiritually conscious part) assesses where the unhealthy Ki is when the practitioner places their hands on/near the client or proxy (for distant healing).  The practitioner then directs the flow of healing energy to the client by using the sensitivity in their hands to discover and treat the area(s) in the body that are in need of the most healing at that time or to the block that is closest to the hands.  The Reiki energy raises the vibration in and around the physical body & breaks up the negative energy, which helps to clear & heal the energy pathways, causing a hot or cold sensation, tingling, pressure or some experience no symptoms, all are perfect for the individual.


It is believed that disease starts on an energetic level before it manifests into the physical body, that is why treating the aura and chakras are equally important in Reiki healings.  The auric field is an oval shaped energy pattern that is created by your thoughts and feelings, consciously and unconsciously as well as the energies flowing through your physical body.  The chakras transform the Ki energy that is all around us into various frequencies to keep our subtle energy system healthy.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is the art of placing stones on and around the physical body to promote an energetic shift in the body, mind and soul.


All matter is energy, that encompasses everyone and everything, (connecting us with ALL things) continually moving and vibrating at varying speeds or intensities.  Everything in the universe has its own set of unique vibrational frequencies.  The stable energetic frequencies from crystals can be used to realign and direct the flow of energy within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to a greater state of health and wholeness.


Because crystals tend to vibrate on a higher level than the human body, they help to raise your vibration through entrainment.  Entrainment is when two energies move into synchronicity, by the tendency of one vibrational system (crystals) to influence the other (body).  As with all other matter, crystals have their own significant vibration, that helps to balance and align your energy centers and assists in removing any energetic resistance that may manifest as physical, emotional or spiritual issues.  An example, a crystal that emits a soothing frequency can be used to help entrain someone with anxiety, to help calm the mind.  They also have the ability to conduct energy or act as conduits for the universal healing energy of light.  Fun fact: Non-conducting crystals produce a piezoelectric effect, which means they are able to generate an electrical charge/light when put under mechanical stress (quartz is popular in radios, watches, computers, etc.)


When you approach a Crystal Healing session with the intention of shifting your vibration for your highest and greatest good, you are stepping into your own power as the conscious creator you were intended to be.  Relaxing into the moment, while keeping an open-mind to receive, can better help you to experience subtle or earth-shattering shifts that are unique to YOU!  Paying close attention to what you are noticing or sensing, whether it's a feeling, memory, thought or sound and allowing yourself to just be, without attempting to block or change anything is where true healing can begin to take place on a deeper level.  

**Crystal Healing is NOT meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to compliment and enhance it**


Crystal's for the Body


Can help to bring about physical shifts & balance energy bodies


Accelerating the Body's Healing or Recovery Process

Adrenal Fatigue/Deficiency



Autoimmune Issues

Brain Injury



Detox (Physical)

Digestion Issues


Crohn's Disease


Headache, Migraine

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure

Immune System Support

Internal Organs

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Lower Back Pain

Muscle Soreness

Pain in General

Shoulder Tension

Sore Throat


Weight Loss


Crystal's for the Mind     


Can help to bring about changes in the mental and emotional bodies


Abuse, Healing or Recovering





Breaking Bad Habits


Career Changes, Sudden or Scary

Childhood Trauma, Healing or Recovering








Negative Thought Patterns






Shadow Work/Healing


Crystal's for Spirituality   


Can help to bring more awareness to the nonphysical part of yourself/higher-self/guides



Angelic Communication

Ascended Master, Communication

Chakras, Energizing

Channeling Messages

Chakra Crown, Expanding


Higher Heart Activation

Karmic, Healing

Life Purpose-Discovering/Following

Intuition Boosters

Psychic Abilities

Relationship w/God, Healing




How Distance Healing Works?

Distance healing is a technique that enables you to give or receive a Crystal Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space.  There are many different names associated with distant healing.  Some examples include: intuitive healing, remote energy healing, absent healing, and many more.  During a Crystal Reiki healing session, the practitioner connects with the client through intention and by bringing the hologram of the client onto the table and by using a distance healing symbol, which also allows the practitioner to connect with the client on an energetic level, enabling them to send the Reiki energy to a specific location.

Everyone and everything is made up of energy on a molecular level.  That includes humans, animals, trees, air, food, cars, tables, etc. and even our thoughts.  Everything is pure energy just vibrating on multiple frequencies.   If you look deeply into the true essence of our reality, you can clearly see that we are connected to everyone and everything, making us part of the greater whole.  Just think of our connection to each other like a spiritual WIFI connection.  We can communicate with each other on the phone or through the web even though there is no physical connection to the other end, it's all energy and frequency allowing the information to be sent to the receiver instantaneously, even though we cannot see it happening.  That is similar to how Crystal Reiki works.

Distant healing gives you access to the benefits of an in-person healing, whether you:

  • Are unsocial and would rather be in the comfort of your own home.

  • Work long hours and have to commute from work.

  • Live far or live in a different state or country.

  • Are close but without transportation.

  • Are confined to your home due to an illness, injury, etc.

  • Are recovering from a surgery/treatment.

The possibilities are endless, whether you need some extra support during stressful events such as:

  • court cases

  • tests

  • job interviews

  • work projects

  • relationships

  • trips to the dentist/doctor

  • surgeries, etc.

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