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Hey, Beautiful Family of Light!

I believe there are no coincidences in this life, for we are all guided to where we need to be in every moment:) You being here right now is proof of that! 

I am a certified energy & sound healer!  I feel I am being divinely called to assist humanity in creating more peace, clarity, positivity & awareness in your lives, helping to align with the highest version of yourself, especially during these transformational times.

Dis-ease & pain starts on an energetic level before it can manifest into the physical body. This can be created by consciously or subconsciously holding onto past emotional trauma, memories, negative thoughts or beliefs (about yourself or others), stress, loss, choosing unhealthy lifestyle choices, etc.  This energy can get stuck in and around the body. Healing comes by getting to the root cause of an issue and making consistent positive choices to support your health and well-being.

My offerings can be a helpful tool to assist you on your self-healing journey (mind, body & soul), helping you to empower yourself, connect with your inner knowing, release subconscious programming & bring balance on so many levels.  Begin unlocking your full potential and create the life you love, today!


Healing is the Discovery of the Divinity Within

- Ernest Holmes


I am flexible at this time, so we can set up a time that works best for both of us!


“Good, good, good vibrations!  The singing bowls gave me deep relaxation that stayed with me for quite sometime afterwards.  I actually started to doze off a couple times during the session.  Great experience, loved every moment of it.  Would definitely do it again.  Thanks so much!"

Susan S.

“I would highly recommend Divinity Unveiled, I've been going to Kim since the summer of 2020 in hopes of getting relief from my CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome).  Even though western medicine couldn't help me, she could.  I was able to get the relief from the pain that I'm constantly in.  The bigger relief was from the mental side.  It was like a curtain was lifted and was able to become a better person.  Thank you so much Kim."

Mike D.

“I had the singing bowls experience and recommend it.  It was a great escape from day to day stress.  Don't we all have a lot of stress these days?  Added bonus, the vibration of the bowls seems to stay for quite some time."

Sherry B.

"My first Reiki session with Kim was amazing! I have never been one to meditate or even know how to calm my mind. I am always trying to do something or even when I'm "relaxing" I'm either on my phone or my mind is still running. With her guidance I was able to really relax and allow the weight of my world to melt right off me. Afterwards, I felt so much more calm and positive. My entire mood was completely switched from stressed and chaotic to calm and genuinely positive. Not only did Kim show me the importance of resting your mind and grounding yourself but she truly amazed me with how on point she was with me in our session. I will definitely be doing this again with her and I highly recommend this for everyone. It really does wonders for you, even long distance".

Heather J.

"Wanted to share with you all my experience of my very first Theta Healing with Kim, it was an amazing experience which refreshed and lifted my mental state, the calmness I felt I have never felt before and has given me the chance to process my thoughts and deal with them accordingly, it has given me the chance to process my thoughts and feelings from a different perspective which I was never able to do before and to accept what I can cope with and disregard what I cant, all from techniques Kim has taught me.
I am now having theta healing once a month as the profound impact its given me, has given me the chance to live in a more calm and content way that I've never experienced before.
Thank you Kim for everything you have done for me with your amazing gift, you will never know how much you have truly helped me". xx

Rachel C.


Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho - Reiki Master

Advanced Crystal Certified Practitioner 

Vibrational Sound Therapy Certified Practitioner

ThetaHealing® Basic Practitioner

ThetaHealing® Advanced Practitioner

Certified Life Coach

Contact Information

Please, answer the following questions in the message box below to the best of your ability, so I may better serve you.  If you have any further questions, please also list these below.

1. What would you like to have achieved by the end our session together?

2. What do you feel you need the MOST guidance/help with, at this time?

I will get back to you shortly, so we may set up a time that works best for both of us and follow-up on any questions you may have. 

All Sessions will take place in-person, on the phone or through the Zoom app. 


Love & Light

Kimberly Chase


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